We invite U to join Skol Wild 3rd Tour Today!

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« on: August 14, 2019, 10:37:27 PM »
Join our Exclusive Skol Wild Tour Society's also we are Well Managed, Preserved for Integrity, We are currently in our 1st season cost to get in is 500 coins which is a great investment, also makes you feel your not just another number & that your a part of a team! as you will make way more in the long run with all the bonus purses we include in our tourney's & we also provide PGA courses, 95% payouts, easy, fun, chill, relaxed drink, smoke, toke, and shoot some great golf! Type in Skol today by going to join society then search by pushing the Left Analog Stick down then enter skol to find out more detail's on all of the tour's today, from beginner to master club set we have all the variety you need 1-4 rd. tour's, no need to look elsewhere, so come join us today for complete FAIR competition! Looking forward to teeing it up with you soon & don't forget after your rounds to meet us all for drinks at the 19th hole!

Check us out @ these channels
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