"Mohawk Valley Veterans Charity Open"

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« on: April 11, 2015, 05:11:45 PM »
Hi everybody,

-Sorry this events time has expired. Let me know if you would like to see it posted again by pm-

     I recently created a tour for PC players called "Mohawk Valley Veterans Charity Open". It's a 4 day tournament (actually listed as a tour) at Mohawk Valley Park. All the different days have different lighting, fairway firmness and green speed and pin positions. The "Tour" tournament last for 2 weeks (I posted this in the general section about a week ago). None of the conditions are both very firm and very fast. All aids are enabled with the exception of shot suggestion.
     If you take your competition seriously you can practice all four versions of the course [ Mohawk Valley Park (A) , Mohawk Valley Park (B) , Mohawk Valley Park (C) and Mohawk Valley Park (D) ] to get used to the different conditions and pin settings. Hole #6 because of it's design does not fit on the overview screen well. The distance to the bunker at the hook in the fairway is approximately 250 yards. Or if your really daring you can go straight for the green.
     If anyone wants to create similar tours on Xbox or PS4 please feel free to do so. Just a personal tour created with the conditions of the course varying as I think they should during tournament type play. I hope you give it a try.



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