Finally released my labour of love. 'Boardmans Bush Resort'

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« on: April 18, 2015, 08:54:02 AM »
Hey golf fans, last night I released my long term project. It's a challenging 18 hole course based around a lake and a mountainside. I've spent 100's of hours balancing it out and decorating it and I'd appreciate it if you could all give it a try, rate it and leave any feedback here for me. Please be kind :)

The course name is 'Boardmans Bush Resort', not the best name I know, but I Wanted to include mine and my friends name in the title (He helped me test it through its many iterations and supported me through its development.)

Thanks again guys and I look forward to reading your feedback and discussing the course!

Also, I'm currently streaming my first couple of playthroughs on twitch under the title 'boardmans bush resort'
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