Try this tourny- Lets test out this wind!

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« on: June 10, 2015, 12:59:40 AM »
Okay kids,  I created a fun two course tour featuring two rounds of nine holes each.   One of the courses was my Par 3 competition course that was in Canucks contest..

Anyway,   it ought to be short and sweet and would love to see how you guys score.  There is only three days left so take 30 minutes and give it a whirl and try and beat my score.

It's under Tours,  and it's called    Devils grin global wind
Courses involved are-   Devils Rain updated and Nitro 9.

Thanks for participating.
My Courses:
Nitro 9 Bedrock
Devils Rain (updated)
Throat of Saint Blaise V.1
Our Lady Of Guadalupe V 0.9
Texoma's 9 Hole On The Green
Opulent Peaks CC
Margaret Thatchers Fields Of Pleasure (joke course)