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While I agree both games have their pros and cons  ... the problem is PG has reached checkmate.

PG 2 failed to materialise ...... and TGC progressed. Despite the faults .. it's still a good golf game imo.

Yes, no PG2 and the devs have decided not to explain why, after asking for ideas and suggestions for the next iteration. The Jones boys sold PG (PP) and have said virtually nothing since. Having said that, the input from the devs on this forum isn’t great.
On the whole, devs take constructive ideas of ways to improve a game as criticism.
I’ve always believed that the perfect golf video game would have no canned shot options, relying totally on the user’s shot set up. So there would be only one swing adapted for all shots.
PGA Tour is just a confusing mess of different swing speeds, which is why I don’t use the pitch and splash canned swing types.
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PG matters aside - what Tracman did with their course software for the Sims is amazing.


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