drops to lower resolution and swing issues

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« on: March 12, 2016, 02:53:10 AM »
Build No:  unknown (I purchased the game through STEAM on March 8th 2016) How do I find the build number, looked in all menus.

Game Area:     Main game screen during play with golfer in view and using a mouse for control of shots.

Title:     Video drops to 640x480 from HD resolution and enters a window when playing at full screen

Summary:     When playing the game in full screen or a window, the game drops from 1176x664 to 640x480 resolution.

Reproduction Steps:     I am in the main play screen with the golfer in view and am using a mouse to make the shot, I pull back on the mouse and the club swings back, then I am adjusting the swing power by moving the mouse forward and back with the left mouse button held down.  After a couple of adjustments, the window flashes and the resolution of the game drops from 1176x664 to 640x480 and everything begins to run slowly (it was butter smooth prior to the flash of the screen)  I can do this every time and the same thing happens....if I adjust the power of the swing for too long holding the mouse button down the screen drops resolution and if I am in full screen it goes to windowed mode as well.

Reproduction Rate:     100%

Screen Shot if possible      No screen shot was taken as the screen and game does not change except for the resolution and speed at which the processor runs.  Also, my video card runs hot in either mode.

Here are my system specs :

Windows 10 Home Edition (build 10240) with all updates to date
Cyberpower PC with Intel i7-5820K 3.30 GHz CPU and 8 GB DDR 3 RAM
Thermaltake 1500 watt power supply
Nvidia GPU GTX 970 with 4GB RAM DDR 3 with latest 364.51 driver as of 3/8/2016 all acceleration enabled  using HDMI output
Main HDD is Samsung 500GB SSD drive (Windows 10 exists here) Main drive C: has 283 GB free
Total storage on HDD is 15 TB (internal SSD/HDD and external USB devices)
HDD E: is a 3TB HDD with 1.54TB free
Monitor is a SONY 60" DLP with 1920x1600 native resolution
Current resolution is 1176x664 (32 bit at 60 hz)

Any help is appreciated...

Also I have the same trouble as others when in the editor the mouse will swing the club back but not complete the swing to a shot when playing a course I have designed...not published yet.