course designer audio but no picture.

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« on: March 20, 2016, 02:38:22 PM »
Hi all got an odd one here.
been playing for a while but have not built a course in a while, tried to have a go yesterday and after selecting new course i was presented with a blank screen and audio, with no way to get back to windows. so had to reset, this happened 3 times i a row, i then gave up.
i have always played on my projector never even ran it on the monitor, so am a lil confused at this one as i can play courses fine ( except for the glitches on swings and terrible optimization) but every time i do i get a no signal message and a blank screen. projector is connected by HDMI and has never been a problem in the past and nothing has been moved or changed in any way for quite some time. it's almost as though there is a different  resolution or refresh rate being used for the designer that that projector cannot use.
Any help on this problem would be most appreciated.
I am on windows 7
I7 3930k
32gb ram
gtx 980 ti x2

Build No: Build as of yesterday.
Game Area: Course designer
Title: confusion
Summary: No picture just sounds
Reproduction Steps: i click on course designer and pick new course and it all goes blank
Reproduction Rate: 100%