Colour Coded Distance Marker

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« on: April 02, 2016, 10:17:51 AM »
I'm not sure if it has been requested before but it would be nice to have an option to have multiple colours for the distance marker tool in use at the same time on the same plot.

I know myself and a lot of other designers use the distance marker tool for other things than just measuring out distances, such as setting out multi-pin and tee placements.

Using the example of multiple pins, whenever I am making a multi-pin setup for a course I always mark out the potential positions on the first version of the course (lets call it Pin A) using the distance tool. As the little white marking circles do not show up on the playable version of the course I leave them in place when I publish so that when I come to make Pin B the marks are still all there so I can just move the flag to the appropriate new marker circle and re-publish......rinse and repeat for each different setup.

At the moment I have to either A) have a very good memory as to which positions I have already used (which can become confusing when you are dealing with 72 different positions), or B) make external notes as to which positions are for which day.

It would be a great help to be able to set the marker points to a different colour for each day to make it easier to remember which position is to be used on each version of the A = Red, B = Blue etc etc.

I'm sure it's not just myself that would find this a useful feature.
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