Putting issues since last patch now verified as BUGS - Explanation

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« on: May 12, 2016, 03:38:31 PM »
Hey all!

Disclaimer - So being a person who only plays on PC, I can only discuss the PC platform so I don't know to what extent the issues I will discuss here happens on other platforms. I have heard that they do but I can't individually verify this.

Prior to the patch in December, the biggest thing I was looking at was the ball squirt issue.  Since the patch and in more recent months, Anthony has stated that ball squirt has been taken out of the game.  To me this was a great move by HB and I thank them wholeheartedly for doing this.

Unfortunately December's patch opened up a whole slew of new problems for me.   While it was difficult for me to adjust to the new mouse swing, after MUCH tinkering I have been able to continually get 100% swings and once again get to a level of precision I was at prior to the patch.   Putting on the other hand is a whole different beast.  Very early on, I started seeing things that there were some very odd occurrences happening.  This ranged from:

 - A putted ball literally going over the center of the cup and not reacting in anyway to the fact that there was a hole there. No hop, no skip...nothing it was as if the hole wasn't there.  This would most often happen on a straight uphill or downhill putt. 
 - A putted ball moving right to left, meets the right edge of the cup and suddenly moves left in a manner that was physically impossible.
 - A putted ball moving right to left (as an example), meeting the hole edge about halfway between the center of the hole and the edge, then moving left at contact and riding the edge of the cup around to the back.
 - A putted ball that would reach the center front edge of the cup, stutter and suddenly appear beyond the hole, rolling out tho as if it hit nothing but simply teleported beyond the hole.
 - A putted ball that would hit one edge of the hole and then proceed to jump from that edge, to the back, to another edge and back all in a stuttering fashion and finally appear on the opposite side.
 - A putted ball that meets the edge of the right/left 1/4 of the hole, looking as if it should drop but once again, glides past as if the hole wasn't there.
- A ball that was putted (and one time chipped) goes into the hole. You hear the 'holed' sound, the ball disappears into the cup and ball all accounts it looks like you made the shot.  Unfortunately instead of seeing your score card, you are met with a 1inch putt.

The problem with these shots is that I wasn't setup to capture these instances live and when I would try to replay the shot, the replay would 99% of the time not show what I just saw, more often than not the ball would drop into the hole.  So getting video evidence was very difficult.  I was eventually able to capture some of these shots and send them into HB.  Others in the community were also able to verify that they too had seen similar things that I have listed above in one variation or another.  There were skeptics that stated that we must be seeing things or that we obviously hit the ball too hard.  While those arguments were possible, continual testing revealed that it happened even on putts with hole speed power.

Originally I thought that these things were bugs but HB was pretty adamant that they had seen none of this.  We started looking into the possibility if the bug was not in the actual shot, but possibly a GPU glitch. Meaning the actual shot that was taken and occurred wasn't accurately being shown to the player.  Much like when you are playing an opponent and you see their putt miss and the ball slide by only to suddenly disappear and the scorecard reflect that they actually made their putt.

Well long story, short and 4 months later, Anthony contacted me to say that he did find some, as he described them, 'collision bugs'.  He said that there were some issues he found when the ball would make contact with the hole (or collide with the edge) and then the ball would not act as intended. It wasn't a common experience and he found happened more often when the hole was on a slope, but he did find out that it did happen and it was a bug with the Unity 4 engine.   Futhermore, Anthony stated that the physic experts at HB and the developers did not feel that it was possible to fix these bugs in the current Unity 4 engine.  Anthony ended the email with an upbeat message saying that it was HB's hope that all of this would be resolved with the new changes they have planned for June.

So there you have it. To those who have posted that they felt that the hole seemed to be smaller or that putting seemingly was strange or had changed, I hope that this offers you some solace.  I stress that these bugs do not happen on every putt. Most often times a miss is just that a miss.  The only time I have seen these bugs is when the ball meets the edge of the hole, usually when the ball is breaking at a good rate or you are putting uphill/downhill on a straight putt.  Personally I have found that on the average I could attribute 1-4 putts per round to an unexplained event.  Whether they were all part of this bug, I can't say with 100% certainty, but most of them sure felt like they were.

So I hope that this offers some explanation to those who were wondering if they were seeing things and to those skeptics who felt that I was crying wolf and just sucked at putting, I hope you see that there is some benefit to reporting things you feel are bugs, because sometimes the actually are!