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« on: September 16, 2016, 07:03:11 AM »
I also started a community called "KFG Tour" and wanted to emphasize on 2-rounders, 1 weekly and everyone getting a chance to use their course(s) each and every round. May even do a monthly 4-round Stableford event as well, just depends who wants to join (I'm in 4 diff clubs myself not counting my own). I have a couple other ideas as well. Invites to be in are to be directed to my PS4 Gamer tag: WRETCHED6170 (so not just any Joe can join, just serious people who love golf). Thanks.
Chichester Expanse
Serenade Valley GCC
Paladin Reef GC
Solaris Trace Golf Club
Windermere Cove
Saxonvale Pointe (3)
TSO's Wizards of Winter
Waterscape Lodge & CC
Trinitarian (Par 3 + 1)
Eagles Pass Country Club
Scarlet Island GC
The Glen @ Rochelle Arbor
LaCroix Hollow GC