Sapcote Park Golf Club

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« on: February 28, 2017, 05:33:06 PM »
Hi everyone  ;D

This is my second official release on this forum and would like to share this for you all to play. The course was formally known as Untitled English Members Course in the WIP section of this forum. Link to the page here:

Designed using the Harvest theme with a mid-autumn look, this course is around 6600 yards long and is typical of the types of courses the average real life player would play or become a member of in England. I have set the course in my native Midlands of England, primarily in Leicestershire. I have took inspiration from some real life courses I have played in the area and have tried to put my own twist on them in this course.
It's quite an easy course in terms of The Golf Club, but I've tried to keep it close to real life instead of making it a near impossible 'game' course. It features some very small greens, but as it is only Medium-Medium and using smaller irons to hit the greens, you can hold the pin very nicely.

There are four versions available of this course. Three courses are the same, but feature different pin locations.
 These courses are called;
Sapcote Park Golf Club (Y Pins)
Sapcote Park Golf Club (R Pins)
Sapcote Park Golf Club (W Pins)

These three variants feature different times and conditions. The Yellow Pin version is Overcast Morning, The Red Pins variant is a Sunny Evening and the White Pins variant is set in a clear early morning.

The Fourth Variant is a Competition Variant (labelled 'Comp'). This course features several hole extensions from Tees placed further back and totals around 6800 Yards. This features a mixture of pin placements from the other three variants. This Competition variant is designed with Pro-Am type championships in mind, having players with a handicap of 10 or above in-game. (like me who has 16  ::))

Let me know what you think of this course, as I would like to hear your feedback on how I am progressing with the designer.  :D

This however may be my last course design until The Golf Club 2.


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« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2017, 10:04:55 AM »
Played the Y course, enjoyed my round quite a bit.
Like you said, the course is easy, and it very much feels like a local course, which isn't a bad thing at all.
It was a fun course to play, made for a relaxing round of golf. Thanks for making it.
Favorited it, as I would definitely play it or the other versions again.  :)

One tip, make sure you sculpt all the bunkers. A few along the way looked untouched, not too many but a few. Didn't keep me from enjoying my round, but something I did notice.
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Lots of versions due to refurbishments.
Play the ones exactly how they're listed here:
Tulip Point CC-Queen's Course
Tulip Point-Prince Course
Tulip Point-Royal Forest
Tulip Pt.-King's Course
Tulip Pt.-Royal Meadow
*All courses above have B, C, D versions*

Timber Trails (RCR)


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« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2017, 08:51:14 AM »
Thank you for the feedback. I probably did miss a couple of bunkers as I was getting to a point where I just wanted to release it and thought "sod it" and did. Haha.

I want to carry on having a go with the designer to get better and not make little mistakes here and there but I'm getting bored with the slow repetition of using oval brushes to draw fairways and it's taking the fun out of building something. I think I'll hang off until TGC2 before I design another course, because I remember reading about a 'draw' tool for doing textures. Hopefully this will take away my issues with the brush designing and I can become more involved in the designing side of things here on this forum.
It's a shame I have come into the designing a bit late as my second course is right at the tail end of TGC1's life. Hopefully I can do more of what I envisage in a course for you to enjoy. I do like doing this style of course more than 7000+ yard really difficult courses so you'll probably get more 'local' courses from me in the future.  :D