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Gotta agree with DeadlyPurpose here.  Also in the software dev business and we host servers for nationwide traffic for some very important aspects of peoples  lives.  We can do all the in-house testing, QA'ing, load testing, connectathons we want and customers still find countless ways to break things no one ever thought of. 

I agree that I want a game I bought to be playable from day 1.  And get a little irritated when I watch the screen just spin for endless minutes or can't even load a game up.  And, when HB starts a Server forum and asks to keep an eye on that for updates, only to post 1 entry so far, that's kind of annoying.  I do really, really wish there was some offline courses to play in just these times.  But, I will wait it out, and in the end, will really enjoy what seems to be a fantastic game.

Thanks HB for your continued efforts.
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