Official Society Handicap Rating requirements appear inaccurate

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« on: June 28, 2017, 10:19:38 AM »
Last night on PC, I played my 5 rounds to get my handicap set, and came in at a 1.3. I then tried to join the HB official societies, but seemed to have a bug where either the society display was incorrect or my handicap was, because the only society that it would let me join was the amateur society, which has a listed handicap range of 10-38. Given that I played the first two rounds of the tournament on that society and came in at -3 for those two rounds and the next closest person was something like +20 through two rounds it would appear that handicap ratings aren't being applied super accurately. Additionally, there is no loaded handicap information for other golfers in the online society membership list, so I can't use that to determine whether the issue is with my handicap display or with the society itself.

Could just be the servers behaving badly as they've been, as well. Just thought it would help to provide feedback.