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« on: July 04, 2017, 01:50:25 PM »

A new fun friendly society set up to enjoy the game.

Platform: PC

Society Name: Tee Time

Current Level: Level 1 (managed to self level it) this will level as we achieve bigger and better things

Society Entry Fee: None Free to join but entrance fees for competitions

Restriction: Open to all, more the merrier

Monday Mayhem
1 or 2 rounds on one of the less challenging courses
Red or Green Tees to be used
Wednesday Whack It
1 or 2 rounds on one of the average challenging courses
Red or Green Tees to be used
Weekend Workout
4 rounds played on the more challenging courses
To be completed over Friday, Saturday & Sunday, and using the white or blue tees.

Entrance fee 75 coins for Monday and Wednesday 100 for Weekend
Purse: Varied 80% of entrance fee will go to purse so more entrances means higher purse for the Competitions

Courses: Game set courses to start with, however we will use courses designed by the community. Created courses will be play tested to make sure they are used for correct competitions

Round Settings:All aids will be kept on. (Handicaps will be used when applicable)

Home Course: None as of yet

Please feel free to join this society and enter the competitions or add me to friends list
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