Crab Claw Bay Golf Club is now in TGC2!

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« on: July 10, 2017, 05:09:54 PM »
Theme: Highlands
Par: 70. 34 on front (3 par 3s, 5 par 4s, 1 par 5.) 36 on back (1 par 3, 7 par 4s, 1 par 5s.)
Yardages: 5,384 - 6,108 - 6,535 - 7,041 - 7,479
Fairway Firmness: Firm
Green Firmness: Firm
Green Speed: 175

(The 7,041 and 7,479 hole yardages used below)

1. Clambake: Par 4, 414 / 439 yrds
    (An outdoor social gathering at which clams and other seafood (and often chicken, potatoes, and sweet corn) are baked or steamed, traditionally in a pit, over heated stones and under a bed of seaweed.) Medium par 4 that plays uphill. Named after the assortment of bunkers, though a hole that eases you into the round. Good chance for birdie to start.
2. Nosedive: Par 3, 173 / 189 yrds
    (A steep downward plunge) Named after the drop-shot nature of the hole. The tee shot will resemble seabirds diving for fish.
3. Whitecaps: Par 4, 452 / 476 yrds
    (Small waves with foamy crests) Named after the cluster of bunkers that run along the high side of the fairway.
4. Shell Shock: Par 5, 605 / 623 yrds
    (Psychological disturbance caused by prolonged exposure to active warfare, especially being under bombardment) Long par 5. In a vast majority of situations, it takes 3 shots to reach the green. Named for the length and difficulty of the hole, and the pun, too.
5. Breaker: Par 3, 176 / 206 yrds
    (A heavy sea wave that breaks into white foam on the shore) Medium length par 3. Named for the wide green that has a false front that runs across the entire face of it.
6. Gull’s Nest: Par 4, 402 / 418 yrds
    (A long-winged, web-footed seabird with a raucous call, typically having white plumage with a gray or black mantle; A structure or place made or chosen by a bird for laying eggs and sheltering its young) Shorter par 4 with a split fairway. Named for the green perched on a hill above a cluster of bunkers.
7. Fisher’s Bluff: Par 3, 199 / 223 yrds
    (A person who catches fish for a living or for sport; A steep cliff, bank, or promontory OR An attempt to deceive someone into believing that one can or will do something) Long par 3. Named for the green perched high above the sea, and the deception that it looks like you can land it past the gaping bunker short right and funnel it onto the green, but balls will likely kick through the green if attempted. Par is a good score here.
8. Cove: Par 4, 411 / 427 yrds
    (A small sheltered bay) Shorter par 4 on the card that bends left then plays uphill. Named after the bowl that the green sits in and has bunkers guarding short and right of it.
9. Seamount: Par 4, 468 / 484 yrds
    (A submarine mountain) Medium-long length par 4. This is the first hole that leaves the upper part of the property and travels onto the lower "crab claw" spits of land around the bay. Named for the hill that the green sits upon. Par is a good score here.
10. Rocky Road: Par 4, 401 / 436 yrds
    (A difficult period of time) Medium length par 4. Plays back along the bottom edge of the upper part of the property. Named for the tough two hole stretch of 9 and 10, as well as a nod to the oceanfront road that runs along it.
11. Ocean Spray: Par 5, 537 / 553 yrds
    (Water as small drops in the atmosphere created and blown from waves) Medium length par 5. Reaching the green in two depends entirely on the wind. With no wind, you might be able to squeeze it onto the green. The hole runs back onto the lower portion of the property. Named for the bay that runs along most of the righthand side of the hole.
12. Hooked: Par 4, 454 / 508 yrds
    (Curved like a hook OR Captivated/absorbed) The start of a tough 3 hole stretch; where the course shows its claws! Named for the hole bending around the bay like a hook, but also the views of the lighthouse, bay, and sea.
13. Beachcomber: Par 4, 476 / 502 yrds
    (A person who searches beaches for useful or interesting items OR A long wave rolling in from the sea) Long par 4. Named for the green that sits perched above the beach and the sea. Players will be searching for a par more likely than not.
14. Pincher: Par 4, 466 / 482 yrds
    (An act of gripping the skin of someone's body between finger and thumb) Long par 4. Last of the tough 3 hole stretch. Named for pinched peninsula where the green sits, as well as a nod to crab claws sometimes being called "pinchers" as this hole, and the two before, could leave scores hurting.
15. Fort: Par 3, 132 / 142 yrds
    (A fortified building or strategic position) Short uphill par 3. The last hole on the "crab claw" spits of land in the lower portion of the property. Meant to be tricky like the "postage stamp." Named for the green that sits up on a hill like a fortress, a spot where you can see almost every hole on the course.
16. Salmon Ladder: Par 4, 452 / 480 yrds
    (A series of natural steps in a cascade or steeply sloping riverbed, or a similar arrangement incorporated into a dam, allowing salmon to pass upstream) Medium par 4 on the card, but plays uphill all the way, so plays like a medium-long par 4. Plays back onto the upper portion of the property for the return to the clubhouse. Named for the climb uphill and the tiered green.
17. Tack: Par 4, 393 / 404 yrds
    (An act of changing course by turning a vessel's head into and through the wind, so as to bring the wind on the opposite side; a small, sharp, broad-headed nail.) Shorter par 4. Named for the split fairway and the raised green.
18. Homeward: Par 4, 432 / 486 yrds
    (Going or leading toward home) Long par 4. Tough finishing hole. Not too much trouble; just hard to get the ball close to make a birdie. Green was designed to be a mix of the 18th at Chambers Bay and the 9th at Oakmont.
TGC 2 Courses:
-Glenelg Golf Links (Red)
-Glenelg Golf Links (Blue)
-The Kenzatillie Club
-Crab Claw Bay Golf Club

-Wayfarer Foothills


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« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2017, 11:38:54 AM »
Really enjoyed your links style course last night.  I believe I shot -5 for the round from the Blues. Beautiful and challenging course but not ridiculous in difficulty which I can appreciate.  Gave it 4 stars and will be back for sure.  Thanks for taking the time to design Crab Claw!!


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« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2017, 03:52:57 AM »
Salmon Ladder is a great name for a hole.
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« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2017, 01:23:35 AM »
Very nice course with a whole lot of challenges. It's a stern but fair test of golfing skill. I gave if 5 stars. Thanks for all the hard work.
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MrVinegar ate this


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MrVinegar ate this

Is that delicious??