Mockingbird Crest Country Club

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Public PC Society
Mockingbird Crest Country Club
400 Entry Fee
We are pleased to announce the founding of Mockingbird Crest Country Club, a new PC-based society built on a democratic voice for its members, and providing the most realistic tournament conditions possible (with a goal of finding courses that won't make -20 rounds common). The 1st season of the MBC Tour is scheduled to begin July 27th, with anticipated weekly (to be determined by founding members) tour events.
Enrollment for being a founding member see founding members is open to all players looking to create a challenging but fair tour of the best courses. The first 11 members of the society will be founding members, and provided a vote in determining the tour schedule during the season. After the first season, all members will be provided an opportunity to vote on their selected courses, reviewed for acceptability by the first 11 members. The season Championship shall always be selected by the original 11 members, or replacements for any of the 11 members as necessary due to absence. The founding 11 members shall also set all rules of membership and tournament conditions at the start of each season.
This club will also have a lot of post / pre round interaction, utilizing the club's website, leaderboards, and subreddit to the maximum extent possible.
Society Website
Mockingbird Crest Subreddit