Will real life courses cut it?

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« Reply #15 on: May 04, 2014, 10:35:10 PM »
Bethpage greens are not easy, but this game makes it easy to get close, if it had a different spin/loft mechanism..it may work differently...the way it is now where you control loft/fade/draw etc..is just completely wrong....take WGT for example..full backspin on a club will knock off 3-8 yards or so, so its all in power control..but here..you can take a 190yd club down to 121 flop shot 100% power!!!!!
and I know the triangle gets smaller..but you can still hit those straight 95% of the time with a pad.

If they took that away...(the crazy loft)..courses would play how they should, but right now...its turning into crazy golf.

So..for now..I guess real life courses wont be worth it...shame.

But how many people are truly shooting crazy scores on difficult courses? couple under sure but nothing crazy.

True, but almost all of the courses I've seen created are not realistic courses. Trouble everywhere, narrow fairways, sloping greens, pins tucked.  Designers are trying to prevent people from lighting up their course. It's human nature. I'm a somewhat decent golfer in real life and I'd be scared to death to tackle some of these tracks in the real world.  If you make a truly realistic course, it's going to get carved up in this game.

I agree the spin is ridiculous and the pitch shot is bogus. But do we think anyone is really hitting 4 iron flops shots when it is just as easy to stick the 9 iron? as someone who is shooting some of these lower rounds I think firmer fairways and greens and faster greens will make it more difficult. right now everything is so soft and slow that of course it is easier to stick everything...thats just my IMO though

You are definitely a strong player from the scores I've seen. Much stronger than me.  Do you loft the club significantly for each and every shot?  I think some of the unrealistic ways you can manipulate the spin and loft have prevented me from playing more courses.  I've probably spent more time in the course creator or looking at the forums here hoping for some changes. Lol.

it depends on the shot and the distance. I loft the club based on where i want to land the ball. I do not lay up to distances I just bang driver and go from there. I even deloft clubs at times.

I have never tought of possibly flopping anything other than a wedge. I did a 9 iron once but never have touched it because i never think of it and think its ridiculous
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« Reply #16 on: May 05, 2014, 05:25:36 AM »
Much like the fictional courses, the greens will be the most effective way to protect a hole............. The hardest pin in real life may not be the hardest in the game. .............

I spent a long time last night as I was designing my latest course, thinking this very thing.

Should I (A) place the pin over on the left, with an approach shot that will have to be drawn in to get close to the pin or else probably end up in the bunker; or do I (B) place it over on the right at the fattest part of the green to produce a long putt. (A) is the harder posi in real life but in this game probably the easiest as so many people will purposely just play to the bunker for an easy up and down. (B) is the easier in real life but probably harder posi in game. Then I thought to hell with it posi (A) is the most realistic for a hard pin position, I will rely on HB improving things to make this the case in the future and at least it may force a par's rather than an birdie's.
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« Reply #17 on: May 05, 2014, 10:24:18 AM »
yep there are many problems with this game despite all the good, and one of them is there is really no penalty for hitting rough or bunkers.
and the dial a distance - takes all of the risk out of the shot.

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