The Golf Club 2 is now almost unplayable

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« on: October 29, 2017, 10:24:50 AM »
A few days ago I thought to myself oh lets play a round of golf on an online society. So turn on game and it arrives in offline mode (it is usually already in online mode). I click online mode and notice where has my handicap and money gone. I try and play on a online society but cannot because an error occurs (probably because of the missing funds problem).

I decide to play a course not in a society, and after a while my handicap and money comes back. I am unaware of how long this took but yesterday the money problem occurred again and I played a course for 45 minutes and the problem had not rectified.

Ive tried turning the PS4 off and on, tried signing out and in the PS4 network and tried reinstalling the game.

I am getting sick of this now, all these problems. Get it sorted HB Studio as I am beginning to think of throwing in the towel and boycotting this game!


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