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« on: May 09, 2014, 06:25:46 PM »
Any chance that the keyboard and to mouse will be use as what they are at some time?

WASD ????? what's that? we DO have up, down, left and right on the keyboard!!!!! and quit some more keys for movements, screen navigation or camera control.
No need to break fingers there. Why don't you use thes keys as thats what they are there for?

And there is something called NLS (national language support) for these keyboards. Yes! there is a world outside the USA and we DO have computers. Might be simple and easy to have X/Z for changing clubs, just that some have their Z so far away that they are forced to change hands. Why not simply use the mousewheel for that?

The target of making this game a PC game too should be to allow players to at least mostly play single handed but contolling the most common functions just with the mouse without risking to have something going on that you did not want. (Like starting a never selected game out of the editor because of messageboxes runing thru the screen :( , or a bridge far away popping in as selected object, etc.... )

Interfacing with Keyboard and Mouse is not simple adapting a gamepad over it. It requires some more thinking about. Just one example for that, who the hell had the idea of putting the delete function for message one the spacebar???  :'(  There are even 2 key on the keyboard for that, called delete and backspace. (took me about half a hour to figure that one out. :-X [size=78%])[/size]

As it is atm all Keyboard/Mouse players deserve a full HCP of at lest 36 strokes per round, as at least a quarter of the shots taken are totaly missinterpreted. THERE IS NO WAY ANYONE CAN CONTROLL HIS MOUSE AT THE PRECISSION OF 1 PIXEL. Come back to earth guys.  :-*

Control Gauges at various palces:
In settings (Audio as example) the go on left and right arrow at a +/- 1 increment. In the editor (greenspeed, fw with etc.) the to on right/left mousclick at whatever increment, but in huge jumps. :-\

Sorry to have to put that stuff in a seperate thread, but i got the impression of simply beeing ignored elsewhere. >:(
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