KFG Tour - Not too late to join - Cup Series upcoming in season

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« on: January 29, 2018, 05:20:07 PM »
KFG Tour is a no frills, competitive Society for NON-HANDICAP golfers of all club types. We are level 10 and play mostly 4-round tournaments with a few 2-rounders sprinkled in. Plenty of time put on events so you can get your other events done. There are very high payouts and all 100%. The KFG Cup Series will start down the road and will be a huge High-stakes 12-event series, so even players who don't finish in Top 10 will get a decent payout. KFG Tour is on it's 3rd Season but we have been going strong since 2014. While the so-called "popular societies"
 on the 1st 3 pages have the members, they aren't playing events for whatever reasons. Membership is free and the competition is very good -
 check it out if you think you're game enough.

Chichester Expanse
Serenade Valley GCC
Paladin Reef GC
Solaris Trace Golf Club
Windermere Cove
Saxonvale Pointe (3)
TSO's Wizards of Winter
Waterscape Lodge & CC
Trinitarian (Par 3 + 1)
Eagles Pass Country Club
Scarlet Island GC
The Glen @ Rochelle Arbor
LaCroix Hollow GC