Auto and or manual add option for rivals?

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« on: March 14, 2018, 11:59:15 AM »
Since we have the ability to add rivals before we tee off, it would make sense to me to have an option to add rivals as the round progresses.  I wouldn't mind having the option to auto or manually add rivals who join after I tee off, particularly in a Society tournament round, where signs of life elsewhere on the course are needed to enhance the "live" atmosphere of the event.

If I've added rivals who are playing X# of holes ahead of me (and I'd love it if the pre-game add rivals screen would show me what hole they're currently playing or have played through on the Rivals list), it would make sense to me that I should have an option to auto or manually add rivals to my 'game' who join later.  More often than not, I probably wouldn't want to wait for them to catch up, but it would be nice to have the flight of their ball come into sight when it should, plus have them show upon your live stroke by stroke scoring status display in the upper left corner of your HUD.

I guess that would have to be limited to a combination of 4, live, rival, or ghost players for the sake of the live scoring status HUD, but even beyond that, I wouldn't mind just seeing the ball flights (when they should be in view, that is) with the player name and icons of up to six total players elsewhere on the course (not showing in my playing group), particularly during tournament play.  I guess I'm just desperate to inject some signs of concurrent play into the round, both ahead of and behind me on the course. 

Adding a rival to your round either ahead of or behind you after you start your round shouldn't screw up the leaderboard reporting logic because the game and the announcer are only going to know their scroing status for the holes they've actually completed for the current round.

At the very least, if someone adds me as a rival, whether they're on my friends list or not, it would be nice to get a notice saying who's add you as a rival and give you a chance to reciprocate, whether it's a tournament round or not.  Of course enabling this notification system should be an option as I'm sure that some players would find it annoying.
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« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2018, 12:48:01 PM »
Anytime you are playing any course you can add a rival or ghost manually.  Just hit options go to the 2 head icon and it will show you any friends you have online playing. Or you can do as you do before the round and click on one of the slots and add rival.  It will show a list of all players on the course but you need to be sure they are playing the same pins and tees.  We do this everyday as a group when we play team and turn based games.  When I say team based we actually choose teams and total up the scores at the end of each round.  Or we have 2 man teams and do turn based with just our partner in our game and take the best score on each hole then match up the scores with the others every 6 holes so we know where we stand against the other teams.