Flyby Stall/Freeze Bug

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« on: May 15, 2014, 03:26:38 AM »
There's a bug causing your pre-game flyby to indefinitely pause/freeze on a hole.

I'm talking about the 18 hole flyby played within the 'menu' system just prior to clicking "tee off" (not the in game flyby done on a per hole basis). 

Super short par 3's (like less than 60 yards) are causing it.

It can be verified by looking at 2 courses in particular, Owl's Retreat and Wackey Golf.

Hole #1 from Owl's Retreat and Hole #5 from Wackey Golf are both less than 60 yards and both flybys stall/freeze after showing those greens.  It's a small issue that's not really noticeable to most people, but just wanted to mention it anyway.