Beyond Zero Tour - last season has begun!!!

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« on: April 12, 2018, 03:54:20 PM »
Beyond Zero Tour has just begun it's 4th and final season before the TGC 2019 game is released. We'll have 33 events with 3 Majors and 2 Minors with 100% Payout and decent-sized purses. The purses will grow as the season goes on so we can clear out the bank at the end of the season. The Tour is continuing the "Film Tour" events that Auld Scotsmen Society was running as they are now done for the year until new game is released. I enjoyed my time there and thought I'd pay homage and tribute to them in keeping the premise intact.

  Depending on how TGC 2019 is setup, we'll continue the BZT alongside the KFG Tour with various formats to keep the interest level there and variety. I hope to see some of you hop onboard for some good competition and enjoy the last few months of the game before the new release. I thank everyone who has participated and has passed through to at least check the BZT and KFG Tours out.

KFG-BZT website: and PS4 Communities: "KFG Tour" and "Beyond Zero Tour"
Chichester Expanse
Serenade Valley GCC
Paladin Reef GC
Solaris Trace Golf Club
Windermere Cove
Saxonvale Pointe (3)
TSO's Wizards of Winter
Waterscape Lodge & CC
Trinitarian (Par 3 + 1)
Eagles Pass Country Club
Scarlet Island GC
The Glen @ Rochelle Arbor
LaCroix Hollow GC