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« on: September 01, 2018, 09:31:22 PM »
Looking for Causal place just for Alt Shot. Place - pc society name is (8 Mile Club)All Skill Welcome.  Only Rules are- No Jabronis and Be excellent to each other.   :D Admins-sawchuk1 on steam and LankyHunkOfJunk on steam


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« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2019, 05:17:01 PM »

The Steam Masters will be the first cross society event on TGC and will be hosting 2 round tournaments per week playing on 2 different courses! There are 2 societies that will be involved and that is The Player`s Club and The Steam Masters score tracking will be as follows and options to use: You must play the 1st round in The Player`s Club society after completing the first round come to this site and post your score card(Hole by hole scoring). Then play the 2nd round of society round in game and again come back to the site and post that 2nd round score card information. Both scores will be put in the database and pulled out into its own leaderboard system then after each TSM(The Steam Masters) event each week points and earnings will be awarded then after 25 week season we will declare a winner then reset the points/earnings and start a new season of play. There will be some confusion on how all this works and comes together but trust me after some testing on the players part and the site`s part to make sure scores are collected correctly all will see it will be a very nice event to play each week! Also there will be Prize Giveaways for more info see no limitations on your skill or handicap.  See for more info.  Come and enjoy the fun at The Steam Masters.

We also have Single Alt Shot Matches, Club Vs Club and putting final touches on the Skins Ladder Play. we welcome all come join the fun. have a society and want to get in the Club Vs Club make your club chose 2 other members from your group to join (3 members max for now). Or if you do not have have a memer from the club have them join the website an play the singles Alt Shot. Opportunities