EUROPEAN TOUR - Real-Life Simulation of European Tour, COME JOIN!

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« on: September 03, 2018, 06:37:38 PM »
The European Tour

I have a created what appears to be the ONLY simulation of the European Tour on Xbox. Each week the members will tour whatever country the European Tour is playing in. The courses are intended to reflect the nature and landscape of the touring country. Each week there will be 3 events.

Monday : 18 hole shootout
Tues- Wed : 36 hole challenge
Thurs - Sun : European Tour Event (72 hole open)

For example, this week the European Tour is in Switzerland. Today is the "Welcome to Switzerland" shootout in the Alpine landscape of Monte Cervino. The challenge event over Tuesday and Wednesday will be the "Adventure in the Alps" event at Vaquero Valley Golf Course. Then finally, our European Tour week climaxes with the official event of Omega European Masters at Vice Master Course.

There will be also be qualifying events, alternate events, Presidents Week which runs during the off-season, and much much more. I will also explore the possibility of a Rhyder Cup event from American and Non-American members based on rank and points.

The purse is modest, but will gradually grow with increasing membership. Come and join our European Tour and travel Europe with the famous silver sticks.

Society Name: European Tour
Platform : Xbox
Society entry fee : 300
Current average event entry fee : 217

Good luck!