Collision and physic problems with the hole when putting

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« on: October 27, 2018, 09:24:52 PM »
Back in TGC 1, I found a bug that Anthony verified was a problem with that Unity version.

Simply put a putt that was breaking lets say right to left, collides with the right edge of the hole.  Physics states that the ball should travel around the lip to the left and either fall into the hole or continue through to collide with the back of the hole.  After this second collision, the ball should continue left or at the worst continue in a straight line from where its deviation started at the first collision and go beyond the hole.   

The problem was that under certain circumstances, as Anthony explained, a + was substituted with a - and the result would be that after the second collision with the back of the hole, the ball would 'magically' go to the right, by as much as 60+ degrees. This was corrected in TGC 2 but it now seems like it is back for TGC 2019.

I've seen it occur now on three occasions.  The ball will start to go left as it should, hit the back of the hole and mysteriously move to the right by about 45 degrees from that deviated line.  I'm not sure if it is another Unity glitch but being that it was a known issue before, I thought I would raise it again.