Newbee Question on Making differrent versions of a course.

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« on: November 11, 2018, 04:39:51 AM »

Maby this is my first post on the forum , even though I've been a member for a while.
(Edit: No it wasn't )

I have actuallay 3 questions:

1/ I bought TGC a couple of years ago , and I have it installed on my old computer . I made two courses there that are not finished or published yet.
Now I have TGC and TGC 2 installed on my new computer.
Q: What do I need to keep on working with the courses on my new computer ?

2/ I want to transfer the 2 courses to TGC 2 that I resently bought

Q: How do I do that ? ... Can I do it directly without finish them or publish them in TGC 1

3/ I started a new project in TGC 2 course designer. I'm planning to first release/publish a Beta and play it with my friend, and then maybe make another version.
Q: How do I do that ?

( Edit : Think I got the answer for Q3 previously .. sorry ...,18365.msg279346.html#msg279346 )

Thank You

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