Some commentary oddities

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« on: May 27, 2014, 12:43:33 AM »
Let me first state how awesome this game is coming along it's so exciting seeing the evolution of it when we've been without a proper PC golf game since Pga Championship Golf.

On to my message

There are some odd statements John speaks quite often that either aren't accurate or really make no sense.

1) That was a dirty swing (greasy swing also) - I've played golf 30 years and never said or heard that said by anyone

2) He sliced it there (after hitting a hook)

3) opposite of 1 - mentions a "clean" swing.  again never heard this either.  You could change both these with common expressions like "nice swing there" or "not one of his better efforts" etc.

4) The "you could have made birdie there but..." no need to rub it in there :)

I'll edit this and post more and I hear them.