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« on: November 26, 2018, 01:15:19 AM »
We are new to this game, having come from the almost dead Winning Putt, a pay to win arcade style of golf game. We are the Funky Drunks, we like to drink & drive (but only on the golf course, have fun & yet be competetive between ourselves.

Currently thhere are only three members, we hope that will grow if some of our friends from the other game can overcome all the negative reports about this game that are out there. Personally I have been playing this for only a few weeks, but I love it.

Funky Drunks will have a very full schedule, wiith a new tournament every 2 days, probabably going to be 4 rounds each time, with an entrance fee f 200 & the society will add 500 to the purse for regular rounds & at least 1000 for majors etc. All tournaments will be handicapped to give everyone an equal chance.

Come join us & have some fun.