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[WWW Tour logo] Honor, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Intense Competition

Join the society comparable to the PGA Tour mode but played against other x-box players looking for fair competition. The WWW Tour is an x-box TGC 2019 tournament circuit that coincides with the real PGA Tour playing the same courses, from the same tees during the same time frame each week. Each contestant will play masters clubs at scratch, no handicaps. Events are open to Tour members and Tour membership is open to all. 100% of all entry fees are paid out to the field. This is a chance to test your skills in a competitive setting, playing real PGA Tour venues against top competition. Hang up the beginner and pro clubs a few rounds each week and come challenge yourself at the highest class. All player levels and handicaps are welcome.

In our opinion, HB Studios has provided us with the closest thing to a simulator, far beyond all other sports games designed for x-box. The real sport/game of golf is difficult and so is this game at this level. It is the difficulty that makes it fun and challenging. As a member of the WWW Tour, the time-honored qualities of the real game—integrity, good sportsmanship and fair play apply.

The WWW Tour schedule for the first segment of the year is published on x-box through our members portal and we will also post it here in this forum as an attachment to our next post. For practice rounds, the schedule provides the conditions we will pay for each course including pin positions; just make sure you do your course search using the exact name of the course published on the schedule. All events except for majors are two rounds and need to be completed during the time frame given. One-time membership dues of 2,500 tokens is paid when you join and the entry fee for each event of 1,000 tokens is paid when you are ready to start play in the event.

Our next post on this forum will provide step-by-step instructions on how to join. The first segment of the Tour schedule has been created—through July--and will also be attached as a spreadsheet to save. Our first event, the TOC at Kapalua, begins New Year’s Eve.

Keep Your Head Down,
The Commissioner