edited course is different to what my friend is shown

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« on: May 29, 2014, 11:50:56 PM »
i edited my "9ways to clubhouse" and when i choose it it gives me the course i edited last , but my friend UrsusArctos tries to join me he gets another version of this edited course than i get . so it seems to have 2 different versions of the edited course in the cloud .

UPDATE : after we both restarted game + steam my friend found the wright 1 and i found the wrong 1. after i restarted it another time we both found the wright edited1 on first course choose screen after hitting advance when toon choose is shown .
seems to choose the wrong1 when choosing course over the button "more" and then select over " friends courses" or public courses . weird
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my rig : amd phenom II black edition quadcore 3.4 GHz -8 GByte ram - Nvidia 660 GTX