Mystery Island Resort

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The residents of Mystery Island worship the magical minerals of the elevated volcanic spring.  The island itself is located a mile and a half off the Coast of mainland Laurania. Mystery Island was once the hidden island getaway for the exiled Revolutionary, Savrola. Savrola saw the island as a living breathing creature, it's spine, the ancient geological character, monster-like upon approach from the port of the township of Laurania. Upon his triumphant return to the mainland Savrola sought to gift the island to his people. Mystery island's population has since reached 25,000 in 2018, making it the most inhabited, yet mysteriously reclusive island in the region. Indeed, the high cost of living and impossible off-the-map location have made it a destination for the privileged, an irony not lost upon the scholars of Savrola. Starting at sea level, ascend Mt Wise to the church of the Spring, descend again through the tunnels and caves of Mt Wise to the peninsula of wild horses, first settler archaeology on the back 9, drive the tip of each peninsula the island has to offer. Par 72, over 7,000 yards. The course offers the walkers dream, the adventurers delight, surely the most memorable experience of all the five finger courses in the Republic. The King of Laurania has proposed Mystery Island Resort be the final course built in the Republic, citing a burst in population and concerns over accessible green recreational space for its citizens as reason for the 5-course cap. For those finding themselves in Laurania, but unable to travel to the island, one is recommended to visit the other 4 courses. 1) Laurania Golf Club is on the mainland coast, a port township. 2) Savrola Golf Club is located on highway 11 to the Capital city of Autumn Duchess. 3) The famous Autumn Duchess Exec Golf Club. 4) Lastly, and surely the most challenging 18 of all Laurania, The Graves at Haunted Point II. A haunting experience atop the graves of Ancient Pirates, legends of Pirate gold, and the ruin of Savrola house on the hill.