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« on: May 30, 2019, 09:51:43 AM »

If you truly want to experience a high quality and realistic feeling golfing experience on this game, then this is the SOCIETY for YOU. Prepare to go through the growing pains of getting better at this game, while competing against a truly leveled playing field.

Golf knowledge and consistent execution are both keys to succeeding in here. These tournaments produce large pots OVER 75K. We currently have 99 AMAZING member's, We are currently in our 3rd season & Looking forward to teeing it up with you soon & don't forget after your rounds to meet us all for drinks at the 19th hole!


Master's Clubs Only
Entry Society FREE

Tourney's/Events 4000 in game currency


Lie, Scout Camera, Putt Preview (ALL OFF)

Measurement Mode Precise

Putting Marker Only
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XB1 Official Stock controller

PS4 Official Stock Controller

Xbox One/PS4 Skol Gaming Tours as follows

Skol 'N Masters (Founded on Xbox Nov 28 2018)
Skol 'N Pro/Master
Skol 'N Sim
Skol 'N All Sets

For more info enter in Skol in game OR contact us Pm True3exekutioner on Xbox/Skolman80 on PS4