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« on: May 31, 2019, 12:07:54 AM »
The Champions Golf Association is being revived with a modified format.  Each season will consist of a 12 week season with 4 round events taking place Monday through Friday.  In addition, there will be 2 round events on Saturday through Sunday hosted on Par 3, Executive, Mini Golf and other non traditional courses.  These events will have larger buy ins and will be paid out 100% in prize winnings.

The points are doled out similar to the FedEx Cup format with each of the 3 major events (Held in Weeks 3, 6, and 9) all receive a 1.25 point modifier.  This means a winner in regular events will receive 500 points, with 2nd getting 300 and 3rd getting 190.  In a major those point totals would jump to 625, 375, and 238.

After 11 weeks the standings will be used to dole out strokes to the players at the top of the season points list (exact numbers TBD based on Society participation) similar to the format that the TOUR Championship will utilize.

There will be two flights with separate standings, one for Masters clubs, and one for Pro clubs.  Beginner clubs are not allowed.

This society will be Xbox exclusive unless anyone on the PC and/or PS4 wants to handle administrative duties on their console.  In addition users must be in the societies Discord channel to maintain status.  Please post the following in this thread and I will DM you the Discord server link.

Handicap: (Estimate ok)
Clubset: Masters/Pro


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