Come Join Us Today, SKOL PRO TOUR!, type in SKOL for ease of access!

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« on: July 01, 2019, 12:02:47 AM »
Our Society's are Well Managed & Preserved for Integrity! 4 rd. Tourney's, PGA courses, Mixture of conditions all the time! Never the same ever! 95% payouts, 5k bonus purses all events hoping to have them all 10k very soon, to give back to the Gamer as much as possible! If you think your up for the challenge or just want to improve your game, this is the society for you! We are currently in our 1st season & Looking forward to teeing it up with you soon & don't forget after your rounds to meet us all for drinks at the 19th hole!

All club sets welcome!
Entry Society FREE
Tourney's/Events 500

Everything ON except for putt preview is OFF

Points based to qualify and play major events & (finals a tiered system 100, 75, 50, 25, 10)

Putter must be used on the green unless your putting line is obstructed by fringe/rough/bunker or your putt is longer than 75 feet

Lets grow this to be 1 of the largest society's on the PS4 platform

P.S. Both of are leagues are on the Xbox platform as well!

Check us out @ these channels
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