Master Club Only Society on Xbox, well preserved for integrity

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« on: July 23, 2019, 02:52:51 AM »
I'm doing this for a friend because I truly believe in what he does and more Master Club users need to get on board with this society. If you're looking for a challenging, high roller society full of Master Club users, where cheating and using 3rd party equiptment is not tolerated, this is the place for you. The Manager is extremely passionate about what he does and he is looking for more like-minded golfers to join his community. There are some rules that they firmly stand by. If you would like to know more, message me here or message Tru3Exekutioner on Xbox. He also has an upstart society on PS4, so message me if you would like info regarding that. The below is quoted directly from him.

"Join Tru Masters society on the Xbox platform TODAY! 7500 1 time FEE/4000 coins per events, 10k bonus purses, 87% payouts, 10% to house & 3% to society all put back into bonus purses (10k) to give back to the Gamer as much as possible & not back to the game itself, Masters clubs REQUIRED, Putter must be used on the green unless your putting line is obstructed by fringe/rough/bunker or your putt is longer than 100 feet. Mixture of conditions/settings all the time! Let's keep the integrity intact for the game of golf, If you think your up for the challenge or just want to improve your game & be one of the best, this is the society for you so join us today and will make you better. Just give it a try before you knock it you may even surprise yourself 68 GREAT PLAYERS AND COUNTING, ABOUT 15 TO 20 ON AVG PLAY IN EACH TOURNEY, 1st place usually pays around 6000 and up, some may start the tourneys and some don't finish as it is not easy, Cheers! I applaud anyone who try's the Masters clubs. Just started are 4th season 2nd tourney in a 55 event schedule! Points based to qualify and play major events & (finals a tiered system 100, 75, 50, 25, 10) We ask you play by the rules of golf and also maintain the integrity of the game! now let's tee it up!"
Brett of Bretts (Xbox)

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Great Post Brett.  :)
Slower your swing down to a blur.