TO ADMIN...JUST POSTED,,, Paschal Punta Gorda Masters Invitational ....not there

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« on: August 09, 2019, 06:32:03 AM »
I just posted this .......Paschal Punta Gorda Masters Invitational
ITS NOT visible in Public Courses....its just gone.?
this is third time my posts don't register ...what the hell is going on...??

previous lost posts are :

Paschal Mortonhall Parkland Golf Club
Paschal Lost City Oasis
Paschal Punta Gorda Masters Invitational

Can you please repost these three in public courses as newest...thank you..!

I post every Friday night my time...don't know if you are running maintenance or what..
but it is very annoying...that after all the work I put have my posts disappear..!

since no one has been answering my questions on the forum
I have decided to contact you in this way..I hope its ok to do this...Thank you..!

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