Our new Master Clubs only society

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« on: August 10, 2019, 02:10:17 AM »
A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE ADMINS OF THE COMPETIVE GOLFERS LEAGUE: We would like to announce the opening of our 4th golf society, The C.G.L. (Masters Tour).

This society is for users of Master Clubs only and the events will be played with the Scout Camera Off and Measurement Mode set to Range. There will be one 4 round event per week (and an alternate event), the buy-in for Regular tournaments will average around 800 and we will strive to maintain a field size of under 20 competitors in the main and alternate events.

Our societies are private and they are not for everyone. We have very few rules but we firmly stand by them. Do not chip, flop or pitch on any greens unless there is an obstruction or you are over 100 feet away. We do not tolerate users of modified controlers, liars, quitters or anyone who disrupts or vibe or flow in any way. Use Master Clubs at all times in this society.

If you are interested in joining our golf world, please request to join The C.G.L. (Masters Tour) today. You may find us by searching "The cgl."

All highly active and serious competitors are invited to and encouraged to join our Discord Server. Message me on here or Brett of Bretts on Xbox or Brett of Bretts#0339 on Discord to receive a private invitation into the Home Base of The C.G.L.

Brett of Bretts (Xbox)