Doubtful Hills Golf Club

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« on: August 14, 2019, 12:41:07 AM »
Doubtful Hills Golf Club is now accepting tee times! This Delta course plays firm and fast with heavily contoured greens, about half of which have a runoff area. Here is the view off the first tee:

For this one, I took some inspiration from two courses: Cypress Dunes by bspetty24 and Los Angeles CC's North course, which was recreated in this game by PithyDoctorG. I liked the openness of Cypress Dunes, especially when it allowed you to see other holes from the one you were playing. Some of my other courses have been too expansive, so I made the routing more compact here. I put my own spin on a couple hole ideas from LACC. In addition, I loved its duo of long par 3s and its bold green shapes.

The default conditions are maxed out, except for the green speed, which is 179. I designed the course at 187, though, so the course should still play well if you bump them up to that speed. There are two sets of tees: white (7,002 yards) and black (7,385 yards). I'd recommend the back tees for Master club users and Pro players who are looking for an extra challenge. The front tees should be played by Beginner clubbers and Pro users who want a more casual round.

Any feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. If you play, thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy your round!