New Extreme Master Beta Tour

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« on: November 26, 2019, 12:38:17 PM »
The Extreme Master Tour - Holiday Version      
   General Rules:   
      Master Clubs ONLY.
      No Chipping on greens.
      36 hole events over appox. 1 week.
      Same conditions for all.
      No modded controllers - just imagine that the controller was
      used right out of the OEM box, elite, elite 2 or stock controller.
   Format Settings:   
      Pins 3 and 4 used.
      Back Tees
   Condition Settings:   
      Wind Speed is Medium and High
      Wind Direction is based on Windy website 1 week before event.
      Time of day = Noon/Afternoon…fewer shadows on greens.
      Weather is  based on Windy website.
      Green Speed is Fast to Very Fast
      Green Firmness - Moderate / Firm
      Terrain Firmness - Firm
   Gameplay Settings:   
      Green Grid = OFF, period!  Yeah, it's hard and makes it very difficult
      to play multiplayer games but, sorry! Will be tougher to chip in.
      Lie Grid = OFF
      Shot Suggestion = ON
      Scout Camera = OFF
      Measurement Mode = Precise
      Putting Marker = Marker only
      Show Wind Speed = OFF
      Shot Preview = OFF