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« on: July 29, 2020, 11:15:04 PM »
This one is going really quick...  I should have it out by next week.  It’s not really as big a jump going from the TGC2 version to 2019.  The course already has a ton of rockwork I like..... so it’s just a matter of reworking fairways and greens.  Many of you will have played it as an “official course” in 2019 already... but you should check it out in its natural state without all the tournament fluff.  I’m 12 holes in right now, but I can definitely say it plays better and looks better IMO.  It’s really gratifying to be able to go back and fix things I didn’t like after the original publishing.  I really do hope that HB will give us the option to go back and tweak things in our created courses without having to republish the whole thing r to be able to delete the original prior to publishing the updated course with the same name.
I’m really interested to see how it ports over to 2K21 which is the main reason I’m doing it now.
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