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Will the ball be effected by spin/physics, wedges have back spin, draws and slices, etc?
Yes.  The Golf Club has a very complex and realistic physics modeling system that is based on the most recent and accurate data available.

Can you hit shots with more or less spin?
Yes. We use a very unique grid/crosshair system that combines stance and club face giving you full control over the ball. The more it veers away from a normal shot the more accurate you need to be with your swing. Spin is applied by setting up your Stance/Club Face pre-shot. Undesired spin can be added by the inaccuracy of your swing.

How will ball striking / hitting out of hazards be calculated?
If you're in the long rough for example we

1) Calculate the lie of the ball (how deep it is in the rough)
2) Calculate the resistance the selected club will get from traveling through that terrain type and that lie if you hit the ball perfectly (example 30% reduced power on a 9 iron)
3) Shot difficulty is also increased relative to a normal fairway shot with that club (increasing the likelihood of a hook or slice).
4) When you take a swing, the game then analyzes your swing. If it falls within the parameters of the perfect swing, you'll get the original penalty calculated in point 2
5) If the swing analysis falls outside of the perfect swing parameter, then a Hook or Slice, as well additional power reduction, may be added depending on how bad the swing was.

Can you hit a ball into the adjacent holes Fairway and play from there?
Yes, you can currently play from just about anywhere that isn't under water.  It should be noted that we may add OB in the future.

Will club distances be preset or will you be able to manually set them, per club, to match your real life distance?

At the moment, club distances are preset.  We want everyone to go into the online world as equals.

How does the game determine the actual power applied to the shot?

Length of backswing and speed of forward swing.  There is a great tutorial video in this here.

Can you hit over 100% power?

Will we be able to choose our clubs before a round? For example, can I drop a 5W and take an extra wedge for certain courses?

Not upon initial release.  However, it is something we are considering for the future.

Can you hit driver off the deck?

Yes.  Just as you can, technically, hit any club from anywhere on the course in real life, so too will you be able to do so in The Golf Club.

Can you putt from off the green?

Yes.  As stated above, just as you can hit any club from anywhere on the course in real life, so too will you be able to in The Golf Club.

Can you chip on the green?
It should come as no surprise that the answer to this is also, yes.  As stated above, just as in real life you can hit any club from anywhere on the course, so you will be able to in The Golf Club as well.

Are golfers customizable?
You will be able to customize the hat, glove, shirt, pants shoes, gender, and swing-side (left or right) on your golfer.

Is there an in-game economy that allows you to buy better equipment or clothes?

Is there a progression/leveling system?  Will we be able to progress our golfer's skills?

No, not in the traditional sense.  You will not be able to progress the skills of the golfer in the game via upgrades, progression bars, equipment, etc.  It is your skills that will need to be progressed, not your avatar's! 

Can you create a Left-handed golfer?


Can you create a female golfer?


Will there be CPU-controlled players?
No.  If you want to play against other players, the Ghost Balls of everyone who has ever played a given course will always be available.

Why is the sky pink?

Your video card must support DirectX 11 for the game to run properly. Check your card and make sure your drivers are up to date. If using a notebook with an integrated NVIDIA GPU, check these instructions:

Be sure to check out our basic Official FAQs, as well as the Course Creator FAQs, and our and Official Website for more information, including several Tutorial videos.
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What is The Golf Club?
The Golf Club is a video game about the sport of golf.  But it is also much more than that.  It is a game that brings the emotional realities of the weekend golfer, the highs and the lows, to the player.  It recreates, in glorious detail, the intimate and friendly sport that that so many people know and love around the world.  Focused on playing with your friends, utilizing “companion” style commentary, and having no spectators, The Golf Club aims to create the complex and nuanced moments that we all experience on our own courses at home.  It is a game that celebrates the beauty of the sport of golf, not the pageantry.

To achieve this goal, the game is being built on a few simple design pillars:

- Realistic control system
- In-depth social integration/user-generated content (creating and supporting a vibrant community)

- High Definition, atmospheric courses that make the user feel like they’re on the course

- Presentation that is not broadcast-style, but represents a regular golfer's experience of golf
- Online and local multi-player (simultaneous, turn-based, and asynchronous)
- Zero loading times once on the course

Additionally, The Golf Club is not only about playing the sport of golf, but designing world-class courses as well.  The Golf Club includes an incredibly robust Course Designer that allows users to create courses which they can then share with the community.  It is, in fact, the same tool we use to create Official TGC courses ourselves.  With five themes to chose from at launch, the Course Creator provides unlimited possibilities for course design and has already resulted in many amazing user-generated courses.

On which platforms will The Golf Club be available?
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

When will The Golf Club release on the consoles?
It is out now!

When will The Golf Club release on the PC?
Also, out now!

What are the minimum PC specs?
We have no official minimum specs at this time, though the game does require a DirectX 11 compatible video card.  Check back for official specs soon.

Will there be a Mac or Linux version?
Not at launch, be we are already looking in to this.

Will there be boxed versions of The Golf Club?
No.  The game will be released in digital format only.

What game modes will be available?
At launch, we will support stroke play for single-player and online multi-player play.  Match Play, Stroke Play, and 4-ball will be available for local co-op play.

Will the game contain real/licensed golfers or courses?
No.  But users are free to create whatever they want with the Course Creator.

Will there be licensed clothes, equipment, or club?

Is there multi-player in the game?
Yes!  There is both live and asynchronous multi-player in The Golf Club.  The game supports live multi-player for up to four people locally or online, with the option to play either turn-based or simultaneously.  Likewise, you can play asynchronously against up to four  “Ghost Balls”, also turn-based or simultaneously, allowing you to play against any other player's previous rounds.

Is there local multiplayer?
Yes.  Up to 4 players can play together locally.

Will The Golf Club be playable offline?
Yes. There are currently 14 courses that can be played offline, with many more being added in the future.

Is the Course Creator easy to use?  So many tools of this type are extremely complicated to learn.
Yes, it is incredibly easy to use.  You can procedurally generate an 18-hole golf course in a matter of a few clicks and under 60 seconds.

But, if I want to, can I create incredibly detailed courses, or even re-create real-life courses?
For those who want to dig in deep, the creator is the same tool we use to create official courses and can be used to create details down to a single bush near a green or pair of swans on a lake.

What themes are available for the Course Creator
Currently there are six themes available: Rural, Alpine, Autumn, Desert, Boreal, and Links.  There will be more themes to come in future updates.

How will I find the best courses to play?
There is an in-game course browser which allows you to sort courses by Official TGC Courses, ones created by the Public, or ones created just by your Friends.  It also allows sorting by 'Newest', 'Most Played' (weekly, monthly, and all-time), and 'Highest Rated' (weekly, monthly, and all-time), and 'Recently Played'.  Additionally, you can “Favorite” courses to save them for later play and, eventually, follow creators as well.  We also have a great Course Discovery section in our Official Forums too!

Can you rate courses after playing them?

Yes.  All courses can be rated from 1-10 once you have completed a round.

Do the courses have difficulty ratings?
Yes.  The courses will be rated either Easiest, Easy, Medium, Hard, or Hardest.  These ratings will change dynamically based on how well players are scoring on the course.

Will there be Tours and Tournaments?
Yes.  There will be both Official TGC Tours and Tournaments, as well as ones created by users .  Users can create Tours or Tournaments that are timed or indefinite.

What is the difference between a Tour and a Tournament?
A Tournament is one event.  A Tour is a series of Tournaments.

Will I be able to dictate the use of aids, such as green grids or club selection, in the Tours and Tournaments that I create?
Yes you can.

Will there be multiple difficulty levels in The Golf Club?

No.  Everyone in The Golf Club will be on an even playing field, bringing skill and practice to the forefront of the experience.  Difficulty levels will be determined by the courses chosen and aids used to play.   There are a number of course aids that can be toggled on or off within the options menus to make the game easier or more challenging (such as no Wind Meter, Green Grid, Shot Target Zoom, etc.).  As mentioned above, for Tours and Tournaments, courses and aids used can be set by the event creator.

How will The Golf Club be controlled?
The primary swing mechanic utilizes the analog sticks on a controller.  However, in addition to using controllers, there are mouse and keyboard controls for the PC version as well.

Will The Golf Club include PlayStation Move and XBox One Kinect swing interfaces?

Not at launch, but it is something we are considering for the future.

Will there be a 3-click shot meter option?

No.  We have made a conscious decision to remove all meters and power bars from the game to focus on the feel of golf.

For more detailed information on the game, including Tutorial videos and more, check out Advanced FAQs, Course Creator FAQs, as well as our Official Website.
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