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« Reply #15 on: August 11, 2014, 05:53:15 PM »
I'd love it if someone does (or already did) a video on how to read the putts without a grid.  I'm playing the game on highest quality settings and at 1600X900 and I still can't seem to read a lot of putts.  Any tips would be great.  I can read putts well IRL but I can't seem to get it in TGC.

I think I'm currently +6 after 3 rounds but I am enjoying this tour.

Hi Bent, you're not missing anything - it really is that hard for me too.  If the green is in the shade it's nearly impossible.  Otherwise I'm just getting the camera as close to the ground and then scanning anything and everything for a hint of slope.  If you have use of the scout camera doing 360s around the hole with the camera on the ground is helpful. The fringe line behind the hole sometimes clues you in to the general slope.  Sometimes you can pick up slope on the mow lines on the greens.  Sometimes I read a break into a perfectly straight putt (those suck!).  But in general, it's definitely not clear and what you're describing is what I'm seeing as well.  If all else fails just make sure you get your distance spot on so that you are within tap in range for your next putt.

I also have some pretty high settings on my Alienware computer, I can scan, circle, do whatever and still have no clue of any break, it's plain not see able in a 2d environment.

What I do, pay attention in the aerial flyover, it can give you a clue to general slope, pay attention when your ball lands, again it can give you a clue, pay attention to the ghosts, again give you a clue.

I'm not a fan of the no grids, it brings in luck, luck to land where a ghost can help read the green, and I'm not going to map the greens myself.
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« Reply #16 on: August 12, 2014, 03:09:40 AM »
Hey Steve, I've been able to play solo without ghost balls and still be about to correctly read which way the putt is breaking most of the time.  So while it does help immensely to have ghost balls, it's still possible without - but maybe having a bigger monitor helps as I'm looking on a 24inch monitor.  Either way, it's challenging and it gets the scores back to more realistic levels which is one of the main goals of the True Sim tour.

I enjoy shooting a hard earned 68 more than any 57 i've shot - but I know it's not for everyone so no pressure to play - but you know you want to!! ;)

Hey Dog, I've been busy with the tours and getting rounds in - still plan to try and squeeze your tour in as well just haven't had a chance yet!