The Plantation Invitational

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« on: February 08, 2015, 11:26:35 AM »
Hi all,

    Rather than a tour, it is a tournament on 4 different versions of the course :

    1st round (The Plantation, early morning, first day) : set in a morning mood with easy, it' time to card a low score
    2nd round (The Plantation, easy pins, late afternoon) : then again make a score at the very end of the day and make the cut (virtually as there's no cut in TGC tour)
    3rd round (The Plantation) : this is the original design, some greens have changed, and some objects were added but still play the same with more difficult pins, in the middle of the day,
                                               you'll have to hold on to get a strategic placement for the ultimate round
    4th round (The Plantation, final day, firm and fast) : in the last groups and in the end of the afternoon, you will have to fight to secure your position. Don't be too stressed as the
                                               fairways have dried and the green keeper shaved a little more the greens, very hard to catch. It will be an exhausting, chip back day, don't loose any birdie
                                               occasion and you will be holding the cup (no need to speak of the big bill waiting fort you at the club house ;) )

     I hope you'll have fun there.


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