Handicap Ruins Tournaments

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« on: April 10, 2015, 09:15:59 AM »
I feel the Handicap system is ruining tournament scores for players let me tell you why:

At one point i had a handicap of +10,  this mean every other hole i would have a stroke added to my score if i didnt birdie the hole.  some of these courses like the current W7 tournament at Augusta, there's no way I'm getting 10 birdies no matter how well i play that round, and even if i did it would break me even.

This is the equivalent of saying "Hey, Fred Couples,  we know you really don't have a chance of winning against all these young guys, so let me just give you 8 strokes so you have a chance at beating Rory McIIlroy or Jordan Speith".

NO, that's not what happens, you have to play good to win, there's no handing out better scored because you played poorly in the past.  The past 2 weeks i have been sandbagging rounds and im now a +6 Handicap just so i have a fair shot at keeping up with the leaders.  Otherwise i could fire a 56 and still end up with a net score of 66, against a person who has been given strokes and decides to have a miracle round.

I think tournament play should be a even playing field for all, if you want to win, practice and play better.  don't take away stroke from people who have been playing well. and don't give strokes to people who have been playing poorly