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« on: March 05, 2015, 10:04:56 AM »
The current Tour Leaderboard set up to sort by cumulative score across all tournaments in a tour.

Are there plans to add in "points" or "money" to the Tour settings?

The Tour Settings could include a mechanism for assigning how many (points or money) each finishing position earned (regardless of points/money).

For example, the current PGA Tour FedEx Cup points are distributed as follows:

Normal Tour Event Point Distribution
Winner = 500
2 = 300
3 = 190
4 = 135
5 = 110
6 and 7 = (-10)
8 thru 12 = (-5)
13 = (-3) (*odd if you ask me)
14 thru 69 = (-1)

This breakdown could be added to the Tour Settings screen and creator could tweak these increments.

NOTE: Major tournaments have a slight different breakdown (higher point values) but you get the picture.


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« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2015, 10:34:15 AM »
Hey hendersondayton

A Points system for Tours is something that existed in our designs from an early stage, and is still something I want to see go in as an option for Tour creators.

I think that a Points system requires players to play more consistently, as well as diversify the field a bit better. With the Wins system we have now it's possible to clinch the top spot on the Tour Leaderboard after 50%+1 of the events, which makes for an anti-climactic second-half. With a Points system you would still need to worry about that second half of the Tour in order to insure you don't get bumped from top spot by your nearest rivals. It also means that someone who didn't manage to get an event-win, but came in 2nd every time can be rewarded for their consistency if the wins are spread out amongst multiple people. That's where a proper balance of points-to-rank comes in. For that reason I'd start with preset point values. It would make it easier for us to evaluate the successes and failures of that system.

Anyway, this is just me waxing poetic about a system that I'm personally interested in. I can't answer your original question of whether or not we're planning to do this, but it is definitely on my mind.

Thanks for the post!