Carl's Bait Shop

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Please watch this 90 second preview video!

A totally rebuilt version of the original resort course from the first version of TGC.  Switched over to the tropical theme, replaced all of the textures with splines, sculpted the bunkers, rebuilt a couple of greens and expanded some others.  Oh, and I also added a private three hole course, an expansive practice area and some condos across the lake from the 6th hole.  All of this was actually done in PGA 2K19 but the course was ultimately never published in that version.

For those unfamiliar with Carl's, it is at it's heart a pure resort course.  Yes, it's isolated and private but you are going to get some friendly bounces and tee off from some elevated positions in your rounds here.  Built on an abandoned rock quarry, the Bait Shop is beset by dozens of switchback paths leading to elevated teeboxes and viewing areas.  Even with no grandstands on the property, the course can easily handle a thousand or more spectators.  I suggest playing the Bait Shop with the crowds on and also feel free to enjoy the course without the scout cam or green grid if you like.

Carl's Bait Shop - Tour

This is about as far as I can stretch the original routing of the Bait Shop.  This one is specifically meant for tournament play coming in at a beefy 7,503 yards with slightly faster greens and bigger crowds than the primary version.  Four holes here (5,7,9 and 18) have been mown with split fairways in a throwback to the original design and there is an alternate tee set (white) which will shorten the par four 11th to a drivable 280 yards.

Carl's Bait Shop - Picnic

Carl's friend is having his annual company picnic so Carl offered up his place, with it's own private three hole golf course, for the day.  You'll play the three hole loop 3 times, each from a different tee box.  The five par 3s and four par 4s play to a very brisk 1,971 yards.  Although there is only one set of tees and pins for this version, I urge you to check it out.

Carl's Bait Shop - Short 4s

Nothing but sweet drivable par 4s...18 of them!  I had to borrow two holes from the owner's loop and two more from the practice center to make this routing come together, but the end result is a whole lot of fun.  Only one set of tees, but a full 4 pins to choose from.  PRO TIP: Swap out a few short/mid irons for an extra wood or hybrids here.

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