Unnamed Forest Course WIP

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« on: June 24, 2015, 04:31:13 AM »
Here is my unnamed forest course I am working on. General idea for the course is big multi-tier greens where you're hitting a lot of greens but the putting can be a challenge if you're not precise with the approaches. With that in mind I'm afraid the fairways may be too narrow but with the milder boreal winds it may be ok. Also still experimenting with the green speeds. Almost complete here mostly just working on course beautification and tons of playtesting and fixing things.

Any feedback is welcome as this is my second course and I'd like to get better, thanks!

Video of playtest here:

Sorry for low quality pics, on xbox and best I can figure out to do is screen capturing videos:
Screen 1: Approach to par 4 8th
Screen 2: Lay up hazard on par 5 4th
Screen 3: Par 3 12th green