Cobia National @ Dry Tortugas NP

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« on: June 26, 2015, 02:15:39 AM »
Hello boys and girls.  I'm currently 5 holes into this remote tropical island course on the far west end of the Dry Tortugas.  Living in southwest Florida I've done tons of fishing here, but as any sensible American would do, it's time to tear down that protected habitat and put in a golf course!

This track will immerse you into nature, and as with all of my courses, you won't find cartpaths, just paths for golfers and their caddies.  Just a personal preference.  Maybe because I'm lazy.

You can try the first 5 holes and provide some feedback if you'd like.  It's called "First 5 Test (Cobia National)"  Here are some pics -

Hole 1: An semi-easy par 4 to get things started.  Keep it straight and you'll be rewarded

Hole 2: Medium length par 3, guarded by single bunker in the front, pin close to the edge of tier in the green.  Keep it slightly right!

Hole 3: A par 5 like no one has ever seen before.  This fish hook shaped hole has great views of Barracuda Bay and is the definition of an ultimate risk/reward par 5.  Play conservatively and have an excellent birdie chance.  Take the only path to the green in two (if you can find it) and have a chance at eagle.  Mess it up and you'll be lucky to save par.  Hint: Don't try to go over the trees!

Hole 4: This idyllic par 4 runs along the southern coast of the island.  Straight away, but rather long, try to concentrate on the task at hand.

Hole 5: A par 3 island green that stretches out into Tigertail Cove.  Another scenic hole with a good opportunity at birdie.

2014 National Champs - Go Bucks!

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Cobia National @ Dry Tortugas N.P.
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