Walls, Flatten Brushes, Straight Line Multiple Object Planting

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« on: July 07, 2015, 02:39:54 PM »
Apologies in advance if this request has been put in previously. I did a quick search (i'm no good at searching) and didn't find a thread to add to.

I have a few suggestions for the course designer.
1. Solid line Flatten Brushes: It would be nice to see a few solid line brushes (no fill) such as straight lines, circle, oval, square and rectangle. My thoughts are that this could be used to flatten the perimeter of an area without affecting the contours within. Proposed use: to level out land for placing walls. Size and thickness of the are shouldn't be linked, but perhaps there would be a way to pre-establish thickness?

2. Angle Walls/Fences: I might be missing something with fence building, and, if so, someone please help me. I spend way to much time trying to shape the area underneath a wooden fence line when I build a fence on top of a sloped surface. It would be great if we could use the up/down arrows (which aren't being used currently) to angle the fence. I know this would be awkward when a fence post is involved and there is a sharp angle, but post-less fences should look fine.

3. Straight Line Planting: It might be nice to have an option to place multiple objects (ie: trees, bushes, plants) in a straight line, as opposed to random. I'm thinking this could be nice for designing farmland, groves, and even vineyards. On the same note, fruit trees and grape vines would be great additions to the Rural and Countryside Themes.
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